April 21, 2014

100 Pounds!

 100 lbs


I did it!  100 pounds gone (actually a few more than 100 that but who is counting?!?!). 

Yes, that is one of my old belts wrapped around me and my beautiful sister.  For me, that is a particularly moving physical representation of just how much progress I have made in two and a half years. 



February 27, 2014

Life Lesson #56402


Anyone else completely over winter?  I am.  I am over carrying my gym shoes with me while I wear my boots.  Gym shoes + slushy sidewalks = unhappy wet feet.  Boots also require a totally different kind of sock than a gym shoe, as pictured above.  Boots + ankle socks = potential for blisters and cold legs.

So not long ago I arrived at my Equinox for a spin class, totally excited to get on the bike.  Lo and behold, I forgot to pack ankle gym socks.  I had on these green smart wool (thick) socks to keep my tootsies toasty on the commute.  Those above mentioned boot-gym shoe-sock issues really got me down.  My mind was racing, “Should I skip spin?  Will my feet get too hot?  I hate hot feet.  I did not get up at the a$$ crack of dawn to get to the gym and not work out!  I am going to spin in these socks, hot feet be damned!  I have a goal to reach!”  So spin I did.  Turns out it was one of the best classes I ever took and one of the best rides performance-wise I have ever had.  My feet stayed pretty cool.  But I am not in a hurry to spin or run or lift in these socks again. 

Life Lesson #56402 – always keep a spare pair of gym socks (and maybe some undies) in your gym back for boot-gym shoe-sock emergencies. 

(Disclaimer – the fact that I would never commute in spin shoes as they are impossible to walk in is irrelevant.  I miss my sneakers and I miss them hard.)

February 21, 2014

Weekly Run Down

leo 1 yr

Happy Friday!  Thank you to everyone who commented on my Facebook page or sent me a private message with love and support about my post yesterday.  John and I are both really excited about renewing our vows.

I have been hitting the gym HARD to get ready for May 3rd.  This week I worked out 4 days in a row, kettlebell class, boot camp, kickboxing, Metcon3.  Booyah!  My knee felt a little weird after Metcon3 three last night so I am taking today as a rest day.  I get to see my nephew tonight for a sleepover party so I know I will be getting plenty of exercise, especially since he just started WALKING!!!!!!!!!

Here’s some link love for you to finish out the week

Ever find yourself wondering how to end an email?  Here’s the article for you!

Kicking ass at work and in the gym?  Can be a challenge.  This woman has it down pat.

Grace has a way to stay positive no matter is going on in life.  Love this!

So much controversy around The Biggest Loser.  I used to be so into this show, but unless you quit your job, hire a trainer to live with you and a 24/7 nutritionist, these results in a short time frame are almost impossible.  I used to feel like a failure comparing myself to these contestants and so I had to stop watching the show years ago.  But you can’t ignore what is going on right now.

I have some business travel coming up in March, definitely going to be relying on this do-anywhere workout to get me through.


February 20, 2014

Say Yes to the Dress…AGAIN

Since I married John on September 18, 2010, I went from this….


to this….


I mean I could literally see down to my feet when I looked down that dress



We had to get John to come and pull it tight in the back so we could see what it might look like if I bought it now.  These pictures still shock me.  I somehow don’t believe I was ever the person in the first picture and I still can’t quite grasp that this is how I look now.  I had to hold the dress up or it would fall off me.

So what’s a girl to do with an old wedding gown that is now more than 10-11 sizes to big? 

Shop for a new one!





John and I are renewing our vows on May 3rd in a very small ceremony.  What was born out of vanity (wanting pictures of myself looking the way I do in a wedding gown) has blossomed into the desire to recommit to each other.  I could not have transformed myself without John.  From shopping and cooking to saying “I’m proud of you” when the alarm goes off at 5:30am for my am workouts, to his “I do not negotiate with terrorists” attitude about answering my constant question “Do I look like I have lost weight!?” – getting healthy and losing the weight is as much his doing as my own.  We are truly partners in all things and we really want to celebrate that!

Clearly, the dress I chose is not featured in this post. I want to surprise John and our guests.  In fact it is completely different from my original gown.  Ahhh the suspense!

February 7, 2014

Weekly Run Down

Patrick Chan


Anyone else watch the Olympics last night?  I LOVE the winter Olympics.  Having been to the summer ones, it is so exciting to think back through those memories.  The guy above is Patrick Chan, Canadian singles skater.  His eyes, they kill me.  They are slightly scary and VERY intense.  Wow. 

I really can’t wait to see this guy take the half-pipe.  My favorite snowboarder, what can I say?  The flying tomato stole my heart, even with the new short hair. 


shaun (Source)

For my own Olympic prep, I had an awesome week at the gym. Boot camp, step class, body conditioning, spin, and two yoga classes. Awesome.                                 

Here are some links from around the web for y’all



January 30, 2014

Comfortable in the Sweaty Men’s Area of the Gym

 weights 3


The sweaty men’s area of the gym.  Scary.  Intimidating.  Impossible to approach without a trainer in tow. 

Not anymore.  Today I did my first workout in the sweaty men’s area, ie free weight section, of the gym.  It was awesome.  I felt comfortable and confident.  I even looked in the mirror when I did my tricep dips.  I HATE looking in the mirror during a workout, but I have to say, I liked seeing  my arm muscles move. 

I also went back to this today.



Though I didn’t look anything like that girl, I did use my Couch to 5K app to do a good running workout.  5K season will be here in no time and I want to be ready to go! 




January 24, 2014

Weekly Run Down

 friday salad


During these cold, dreary winter months, don’t you just want to eat something so colorful and beautiful?!  I do!

So it has been quite a week!!!  I made it to the gym three times, hooray!  I did a rowing workout – row five minutes, rest for 3, row three minutes rest for 1 minute and repeat that 3 three times then row 1 minute rest 30 seconds and repeat that 3 times.  It might not sound like a lot but rowing is intense and when you go all out, you burn up major calories. 

Then I took a kick boxing class which was amazing.  It was kind of like dancing but with punching.  I am definitely doing that again this Wednesday night.  Then I took advantage of the free training session I was gifted when I joined Equinox and met with Alissa, trainer to everyone in my husband’s office.  We hit the weights hardcore and she even designed 6 workouts just for me and my needs.  Awesome. 

I am not leaving Brooklyn at all this weekend, I need a relaxy time.  But that does not mean no workouts, I plan to do Zumba and a weights class this weekend.  Gotta change it up and keep it interesting. 

Here are some links from around the interwebs that I have found interesting!  Happy Reading!

  •  If I could have someone’s wardrobe it would be Krystin’s.  Love!
  • An I Quit Sugar class?  Interesting
  • If you have ever had a green juice, or any other kind of juice besides orange and apple, please read this!
  • Maybe I will give this a try during my weekend in the ‘hood
  • Can we commit to doing something everyday for 100 days?  These people are.  Kind of cool!
January 15, 2014

Oh Yeah…I’ve totally been DIETING


That’s my adorable pup Sadie Lou.  I mean, that face!!!  Who could resist?  There really isn’t a good photo to go with this post, so I figured Lou’s face makes me happy, why not show her off?  You can really see that she is blind in her right eye in this one, poor baby girl. 

Anyway, it is time for a “come to Jesus” talk about what I have been doing the past few months.  And what is that?  Diet.  

Paleo.  The JJ Virgin plan.  The Eat to Live plan.  What are they really?  Diets.  And you know, I actually really want to diet because it sounds like fun, like a good idea, like a shiny new toy I can play with for a while.  I love all things organizational and systematic and new diets fit right into that bucket.  Diets sound like THE ANSWER – to all my problems, not just a solution to loosing these last 20 pounds or so. 

Guess what?  Here is the thing about diets….they really don’t work.  They aren’t a solution at all, to anything.  And I have been experiencing diet backfire since August. 

Paleo.  For some, a lifestyle.  For me, a diet.  No rice or quinoa ever?  Could that be more restrictive? 

Eat to Live ie veganism/vegetarianism.  For some, a very serious ethically based lifestyle choice.  For me, a diet. I have made it successfully twice for two weeks each on Eat to Live and then after that, meat-fest.  Like Joey I have been all Pork? GOOD.  Lamb? GOOD.  Beef? GOOD.  

Except, ummm, really not that good.  I gained a few pounds.  Is it the end of the world?  No.  Is it a wake up call?  Yes.  A wake up call to the fact that I have to go back to basics, which for me is a food plan of weighed and measured meals and snacks with the only limits being no wheat and no sugar.  We are in the home stretch and it is not time to change the game plan.  It is time to grit my teeth and stick to what works even if it is boring and not as “fun” as dieting appeals to be. 


January 6, 2014

Keeping a Slip from Becoming a Fall

new year


Happy 2014!  I hope you had a wonderful, happy, healthy New Year!

So…I don’t know about you but my eating was far from perfect this holiday season.   All the parties, all the temptation….I mean, cheese.  Oh cheese, how I love you. I wasn’t exactly strict with the whole Eat to Live no dairy no meat plan. 

Having a little slip over the holidays does not mean we have to fall down the rabbit hole.  It can be hard to get back on track, once the stomach expands a bit, it just wants to eat more, or at least mine does.  I find it a little painful to go back to my really healthy, active ways after being in a cozy holiday cocoon.  I have to talk to myself, ask myself questions now such as “Emma, do you really want to eat or are you just bored?  Is there something you need like a nap or a walk instead?”  And when I THINK that food is the only thing that will do it, I have been allowing myself unlimited veggies.  Not fried ones, raw ones.  This gentleness has been really helpful the past few days.  My mantra of “easy does it” really comes in to play here. 

I also find my routine to be really soothing.  I need my routine or else…chaos! That goes for my food and exercise big time.  I was so out of my element this holiday and that showed up in my food choices.  Getting back to work with regular wake up times, meal times and meal components, while not necessarily FUN, has been really grounding.  Salad over cheese and gluten-free crackers.  Apples over chips and popcorn. 

So what about you?  How do you keep yourself from the rabbit hole of holiday eating becoming ALL THE TIME eating?


December 24, 2013

This Christmas Post is Brought to You by the Letter M


M for Maine that is!  John and I are spending a very cold, very icy Christmas with his family in Fayette, Maine…population 1,000.  It is a white Christmas for sure with at least a foot of snow on the ground and about an inch of ice on top.  I have never seen ice like this!  We are very lucky to have power today, most people in the Mid-Coast region do not.  Mid-Coast from my understanding is where we are, south of Bangor, north of Portland, slightly inland from the coast.  Far from NYC and a balmy 15 degrees outside, it is quite a change from the hustle and bustle.  The only sound we hear is the occasional plow going up the street.  Silence is indeed golden. 

I want to wish all of you and yours a healthy and Merry Christmas (or a belated Happy Chanukah) and a very Happy New Year.   See you in 2014!