September 15, 2016

Welcome Back Kotter

Woah.  More than two years since I have written a thing.  Say whaaaaaa?  Why you ask?  Because this….

Violet Stefania was born on December 19, 2014.  A true Sagittarius, Violet made a very dramatic entrance into the world via rushed C-section. OK, who am I kidding, Sagittarius? She is my daughter, of course her birth was dramatic.  Long story short, straight out of Grey’s Anatomy, Violet had decels.  I thought we both might die for realzies and into the OR we went.  It was the best worst day of my life and nothing has been the same since.


We are kind of making the same face here, she looks like a beautiful little alien!

A few months from her second (SECOND!?!?!) birthday, and I only just now feel somewhat “normal”.


Motherhood is an adjustment people.  Thanks to Pinterest, I expected all unicorns, rainbows, cute baby smiles and poop that smells like flowers. I mean, TV moms lose their baby weight, go back to work, AND sleep through the night when the kid is like a month old.  Well, TV lies.  LIES!  Sure I knew people with babies and of course, I had my beloved nephew Leo.  Those relationships gave me a glimpse into motherhood.  But no one tells you the truth.  Or maybe they tell you and pregnancy hormones give you selective hearing, sight, and ummm smell.  Either way, nothing and I mean NO THING can prepare you for motherhood until you are in it to win it.


So anyway, I am back and with a new blog design no less!  I can’t promise daily posts but I will have new content a few times a week and maybe even a series or two. Creativity is only bound by my free time otherwise known as the half hour it takes me to eat lunch at my desk.  It took me a week to write this.


PS, Stefania is a real name.  It’s the female diminutive of Steven in both Polish and Italian (I’m a quarter each) and a nod to my maiden name.  My mom thought I made it up.  Apparently, she thought this until Violet’s baptism in June 2015.  Turns out the priest’s mother is called Stefania.  For six whole months my mom thought Violet’s middle name was a made up word.  Nice.  For the record, we pronounce it the Polish way, Ste-fan-ya.

PPS, if you don’t know what Welcome Back Kotter is, and/or never saw it referenced on an episode of Friends, you are too young to read this blog.