October 30, 2013

What I’m Reading Now



OK so you know how I feel about DIETS, but this book suggests lifestyle changes.  My parents have implemented her suggestions and they look amazing, Dad has lost 31 lbs since July!!! FANTASTIC!

JJ’s premise is that inflammation is the cause of weight gain.  By avoiding foods which cause inflammation you can reach your goals.  She says there are 7 foods that cause this inflammation – gluten, dairy, peanuts, soy, corn, sugar/artificial sweeteners, and eggs.  Her premise is that you detox for a few weeks and then introduce those foods one at a time to see if you have a reaction to them. However, you may have to avoid these foods altogether to really make it stick – ie a lifestyle change. 

I find this all very interesting.  I avoid gluten, sugar, and eggs (I have never really liked eggs, the smell grosses me out) but I could use some work in the other categories.  JJ says you have to avoid these ingredients intensely, for example I call myself sugar-free but I eat ketchup and bbq sauce.  JJ says for the detox period those condiments are out.  Ouch. 

Of course, you won’t lose weight if you put down these 7 foods but continue to overeat.  JJ suggests replacing peanut butter with almond butter but my guess is that eating a cup of almond butter a day won’t help you much.  As I already know, portion control would still be a key element for success here. 

I am curious to see by living without these 7 foods, would my energy increase?  Would I see difference in my skin or hair?  Would I sleep better, would my migraines lessen – I have seen a dramatic decrease in headaches since I lost weight, cut out caffeine and exercise regularly, but still….could I experience even less pain?  All questions I am going to answer by giving these changes a shot.  I was thinking of starting on November 1 but why wait?  Starting tomorrow, on the day that celebrates sugar and all things decadent, Halloween, I am going to start avoiding these foods and document it here.  Wanna do it with me?