May 9, 2013

Scale Stalker



I am a self-professed scale stalker.  Especially lately with my new crossfit classes and Paleo lifestyle.  Every morning, I ask myself, is it working?  Has my weight changed and has it gone in the right direction.  You know, DOWN?! 

It is really, really hard for me not to get on the scale every single day.  Ideally, I would just get on once a week, or even once a month.  Right now, not knowing my weight would be like if someone put a brand new beautiful Louis Vuitton Alma bag on a table in front of me and then told me I can’t touch it or try to see if my stuff fits in it or how heavy it would be or try it on and then look in the mirror and see if the bag is “me.”  UMMMM  TORTURE!!!!  Le Sigh.  Louis.  How I love you.

baby vuitton


OK a bit off topic there.   Seriously though.  Scale stalking is not always the best thing.  It can mess up your mind, especially when you factor in the monthly business.  So annoying! 

So how can I stay off the scale?  Make up my mind, take the Nike approach and Just Do It?  Or Just NOT Do It in this case?  Ask the Mr. to please hide the scale except on Saturday mornings?  (We did actually try that a few years ago.  He gave up.  Apparently, I can get mean.)  Once I just threw my scale away, only to go back to Bed Bath & Beyond a few months later and buy a new one.  Not doing that again.  I guess if I can just not eat cupcakes, I can just not get on the scale.  Or at least try… 




April 4, 2013

More Food and a Not So Small Snag

Screen shot 2013-04-04 at 7.10.15 PM


There is my food from yesterday.  Dinner was a bit weird, a hodge podge of things.  I was out a little later than usual because it was therapy day and the Mr. is sick so it was make do and mend at the Godfrey house.  While the combo of soup, a gnu bar and a whole foods beef jerky stick may sound odd it was totally delicious.

There has been a somewhat major snag in my crossfit plans.  The box/gym is moving!  I am so bummed out!  My hopes of a really close to home super convenient awesome workout have been dashed. So now, do I go to the “fancy” crossfit box in Manhattan which is not exactly on the way to or from anything but IS near my subway line and IS also well known for results or do I trek to this other part of my Astoria neighborhood which IS also near my subway line and sort of on my way home?  The new location makes the 6:45am class not do-able, not enough time to shower.  The 6pm class in this new location is highly unlikely because of my work hours.  Frustration abounds.   I am a creature of convenience and if it’s too annoying I won’t keep it up.  Decisions, decisions!  What would you do?

March 11, 2013



never regret


Confession.  I went an entire week without going to the gym.  Not enough time, not enough sleep, and travel all contributed to my absence.  I felt fine the first two days but as the week went on, I felt irritable.  I definitely noticed my energy was low.  I had a serious case of the blahs.

When I got back into the gym on Thursday, the workout was brutal.  My muscles were tight and I felt a little nauseous.  I felt like my hips were going to rip to shreds during some basic squats and my arms got really tired a few sets into my rows.  Not fun.

The lesson here?  I never regret a workout.  I DO regret not going to the gym.  No matter what happens, I have to make time for exercise.  Not only does my body need it but my mind does too.  Thursday and Friday were two great days, even though I was paying for my sins in the gym.  I had a lot more energy during the work day, I had more mental clarity and over all, I just felt better.

How do you feel when you miss a few work outs?  Share in the comments below!

November 21, 2012

Sandy Effort

Happy Tuesday! Everyone getting ready for Thanksgiving?

As you can see here, my coat outgrew me.


So I very happily donated it to the Sandy effort through the coat collection at work.

On my day of Emma,  I took advantage of some awesome sales at Macy’s and got these two replacement coats – one dressy and one puffy, for snow.  As winter chic as they are, my goal is to donate these to the annual NYC coat drive next year.

The trash bag you see in that photo is filled with clothes to donate to the cause!  Didn’t mean to have that in the photo, though it does make for a super hot background, I know.

This one may not be as flattering but its nice and warm – a puffy down coat with a furry hood for the harsh New York City winters.  And it was only $99.  A Calvin Klein coat for 99 bucks?!  Hello?!  Obviously, it needed to be in my closet.

Yesterday, I went with a group of people from my office to help organize the coats from the city-wide coat drive through New York Cares.  This year the coat goal is 200,000 coats!  Double last year’s goal because of the storm.  In addition to coats, we helped sort a bunch of miscellaneous items that were donated due to Hurricane Sandy.  Everything from babies’ clothes to ladies’ undies (eek!)  This was an incredibly humbling experience.  It was wonderful to see the incredible generosity pouring out from my fellow New Yorkers.  But also, it made me think about how much stuff we have.  As it is Thanksgiving week, it is perfect timing to take a second and reflect an be grateful for all the things – and people – in my life.  But also to think about abundance and how easy it can be to abuse abundance.  Not buying things just to buy them.  To have enough, but not so much that it overflows and becomes clutter.  To appreciate simplicity.  These are all just thoughts that I am having as I digest my volunteering experience.  The sheer volume of things in the vast space at 11 Penn Plaza overwhelmed me.  Take a look at the pictures below, they evoked strong emotions in me both positive and negative.

This is the first thing you see when you walk into the space, very inspiring. So proud to be an American.

This is the mountain of miscellaneous items which have been donated so far.  Really intense huge pile.  Way to go donators!  Not to mention that the pile is drastically reduced from where it began, about half of it had already been sorted!!

This is my friend Dan sorting through bags from this pile.  Items would be taken out of the bags and placed into piles according to category – men’s clothes, women’s clothes, children’s, kids and then there was a group of volunteers bagging the items and tagging the bags and putting the bags in the right piles throughout this giant basement, about the size of 10 football fields put together.  Ginormous.  We also had a shoe bag, an accessories bag, and a home-goods bag.  Oh and also, a food pile!!! Mostly bottle water and canned goods.

BTW, Dan is an avid reader of my blog and is “in progress” himself! He looks AWESOME!  Way to go Dan!!!

This is a wall of sorted coats.  Five coats go into a bag.  So many coats!  So many people in need are about to receive warmth.  This pile is just the tip of the iceberg.

It felt great to give back to this amazing city of mine both with my time and my coat.




October 12, 2012

Treat Yo’Self Thursday

If there is one thing that I cannot live without it is moisturizer.  Can’t leave home without it.

Clearly if money were no option I would use this and only this twice a day every day.


But since I am not a millionaire, I have backups.

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base.  It’s oil free.  I used to think I had oily skin.  I don’t really.  I have acne prone skin.  There is a difference.  Oil free products help with acne prone skin by not adding extra oil and exacerbating the issue.  This one has a really nice consistency and smells divine.  Still a little pricy though, so I have been using it at night only.


Mario Badescu is a brand I absolutely adore.  The prices are reasonable for a department store brand (Lord & Taylor carries them) and I have had a few facials at Mario Badescu Spa here in NYC.  Martha Stewart loves this brand and hey, good enough for Martha, good enough for me.

This one has AHAs to rejuvenate tired skin.


This one smells amazing.

This one has sunscreen and vitamin E.

Last but not least, this one is a great day moisturizer.  Good price and the added tint slightly evens out skin tone. Olay 7 in 1 Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer.


You only get one face, so treat yo’self and get a good moisturizer for it!

August 31, 2012

Olympics Recap 3 – The Best Day

The Best Day in the Olympic Park was……Synchronized Swimming Duets!  I bet you didn’t see that coming, especially after the last Olympic recap about Phelps, hottie Lochte, and Missy F.  I have always had a soft spot for these athletes.  Growing up I was so enamored with the ladies and their cool swim caps…


My mom got synchro lessons for me! Let me tell you it is really hard to float on your back AND get your leg up AND keep time to music AND be coordinated with someone else, let alone a GROUP of someone elses, AND then SMILE on top of it.

We had amazing seats, second row right behind the press…..

and then also crazy Russians with Euro-mos like I have never before witnessed in my life.  Business in the front, party in the back does not quite describe their hair.  It was more like business on the left, party on the right, and then business in the front, party in the back, and then weird shaved bits in odd places.  Crazy town.  Distracting even.  WISH I had a photo of that.

Back to synchro swim.  We could see right into the judges computers.

We shouted Go TEAM USA and the girls looked right at us and waved.

We were so close to the pool we basically got splashed.  Awesome does not describe it.  These were THE SEATS.  To top it off.  It was a medal round!  We saw Russia win (the crazy hairs went wild!) Spain surprised everyone and came in for the silver and honestly I can’t even remember who won bronze.  I blame the crazy hairs for distracting me.  (It was Japan.  I looked it up.)  Next to getting engaged, getting married, the eventual birth of my Godchild this December and my own future children, this was one of the top 5 best days of my life.  Why?  Because I met a Team USA Synchro Swimmer Mary Killman and had my photo taken with her!  It was incredible!  Her hair was shellacked and shiny.  Her makeup made me think of all the drag queens in the west village on Saturday nights.  I loved every minute of it.  This is the stuff of dreams my friends, the stuff of dreams.  She and her partner Mariya Koroleva came in 11th.  Out of 12.  I couldn’t care less.  To me, she is a hero.  They both are.

July 11, 2012

Haircut and Weird Art

Let’s take a pause from the seriousness for a second. I got my hair trimmed tonight….

Ta da!

When I win the lottery, I am keeping my girl Cristina B. from the Rita Hazaan Salon on retainer.  She keeps my locks in tip top condition.  I am thinking of getting a keratin treatment.  Anyone ever do that or have experience?  Share the knowledge wealth please!  I wish I could get it this straight myself!

Here is some weird/interesting/unexpected art I saw on the way home from the salon.  It is right at the bottom of Central Park by the Plaza Hotel.  The airplane actually rotates.  Only in NYC!  It was actually kind of cool.