October 1, 2013

Maine in Pictures

 Hi everyone!  I have been back from vacation for almost two weeks, cannot believe it!  The “real world” has taking some getting used to but I think I am just about in the swing of things now.  The trip was exactly what we needed.  Complete relaxation and disconnection which allowed us to really connect to each other and return rested and relaxed.  I didn’t feel like I needed a vaca from my vaca which happens so often. 

I kept thinking throughout the trip, how different would this experience be if I weren’t as in shape or comfortable in my skin?  My journey to health has been about more than just my external packing, it has a lot to do with my mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  If I wasn’t in such an awesome place, there is no way I would have been able to relax and enjoy as much as I did. 

Here are some shots from our trip.  I was trying to be really in the moment and not over-photo, some of these I borrowed from my mother-in-law. 

These little streams were all over the woods.  I love them, they make me think of childhood and all the streams my sister and I used to investigate as kids. 


maine one

 Some days the wind was low and the lake was calm and flat.  Other days the wind was high and the lake became an ocean, white caps on the rocks.

maine 2

 It was not warm.  I bundled a lot. I even bought a hat in “town”.   Those are my new hiking boots.  Lesson, hiking boots do not have enough traction to prevent you from slipping on wet rocks.  As I learned quickly after this photo was taken….

 maine 3

 We had some really beautiful sunsets.  Pretty much every night.  Amazing.

maine 4

I got a lot of exercise between running and kayaking.  I love outside!

me in a kyak

Uncle Ron and Aunt Nancy’s beautiful house, The Bear’s Den.  Shangrila.


Our cousins set aside some awesome fossils they found so we could see them. How cool is this?


Sadie Lou was in heaven in Maine. She even got brave one day and went up to her knees in the lake.  She loves hiking!


Of course, no trip to Maine would be complete without lobster.  YUM!


Or growing a vacation beard.

eating lobster