November 11, 2013

Avoiding The Dreaded Night Eating


That is a scarf that I am currently knitting.  Pretty cool, huh?  My mom and mother-in-law taught me.  I knit everywhere, standing waiting for the subway.  Standing on the subway.  During Saturday football games.  And nighttime. 

I used to be a big night eater – you could say it runs in my family.  Watching tv, not ready for sleep, kinda bored and restless, I turned to food.  That was then. 

Now, I do something like knitting to keep my hands busy.  I don’t want to get food on my scarf, heaven forbid it gets stained, and it takes some concentration to get the stitches correct and even.  I can’t eat and knit.   Getting my hands and mind busy is a perfect solution to night eating.  I mean, I was never legitimately hungry, just felt like eating.  Knitting is a much better way to go.  No one, that I am aware of, ever gained weight through knitting. 

So I encourage you readers to get those hands busy when cravings strike, especially if you are not legitimately hungry.  Knit, crochet, Words with Friends, a puzzle, I can think of a million things to do.  Can you?