February 21, 2014

Weekly Run Down

leo 1 yr

Happy Friday!  Thank you to everyone who commented on my Facebook page or sent me a private message with love and support about my post yesterday.  John and I are both really excited about renewing our vows.

I have been hitting the gym HARD to get ready for May 3rd.  This week I worked out 4 days in a row, kettlebell class, boot camp, kickboxing, Metcon3.  Booyah!  My knee felt a little weird after Metcon3 three last night so I am taking today as a rest day.  I get to see my nephew tonight for a sleepover party so I know I will be getting plenty of exercise, especially since he just started WALKING!!!!!!!!!

Here’s some link love for you to finish out the week

Ever find yourself wondering how to end an email?  Here’s the article for you!

Kicking ass at work and in the gym?  Can be a challenge.  This woman has it down pat.

Grace has a way to stay positive no matter is going on in life.  Love this!

So much controversy around The Biggest Loser.  I used to be so into this show, but unless you quit your job, hire a trainer to live with you and a 24/7 nutritionist, these results in a short time frame are almost impossible.  I used to feel like a failure comparing myself to these contestants and so I had to stop watching the show years ago.  But you can’t ignore what is going on right now.

I have some business travel coming up in March, definitely going to be relying on this do-anywhere workout to get me through.


February 7, 2014

Weekly Run Down

Patrick Chan


Anyone else watch the Olympics last night?  I LOVE the winter Olympics.  Having been to the summer ones, it is so exciting to think back through those memories.  The guy above is Patrick Chan, Canadian singles skater.  His eyes, they kill me.  They are slightly scary and VERY intense.  Wow. 

I really can’t wait to see this guy take the half-pipe.  My favorite snowboarder, what can I say?  The flying tomato stole my heart, even with the new short hair. 


shaun (Source)

For my own Olympic prep, I had an awesome week at the gym. Boot camp, step class, body conditioning, spin, and two yoga classes. Awesome.                                 

Here are some links from around the web for y’all



January 24, 2014

Weekly Run Down

 friday salad


During these cold, dreary winter months, don’t you just want to eat something so colorful and beautiful?!  I do!

So it has been quite a week!!!  I made it to the gym three times, hooray!  I did a rowing workout – row five minutes, rest for 3, row three minutes rest for 1 minute and repeat that 3 three times then row 1 minute rest 30 seconds and repeat that 3 times.  It might not sound like a lot but rowing is intense and when you go all out, you burn up major calories. 

Then I took a kick boxing class which was amazing.  It was kind of like dancing but with punching.  I am definitely doing that again this Wednesday night.  Then I took advantage of the free training session I was gifted when I joined Equinox and met with Alissa, trainer to everyone in my husband’s office.  We hit the weights hardcore and she even designed 6 workouts just for me and my needs.  Awesome. 

I am not leaving Brooklyn at all this weekend, I need a relaxy time.  But that does not mean no workouts, I plan to do Zumba and a weights class this weekend.  Gotta change it up and keep it interesting. 

Here are some links from around the interwebs that I have found interesting!  Happy Reading!

  •  If I could have someone’s wardrobe it would be Krystin’s.  Love!
  • An I Quit Sugar class?  Interesting
  • If you have ever had a green juice, or any other kind of juice besides orange and apple, please read this!
  • Maybe I will give this a try during my weekend in the ‘hood
  • Can we commit to doing something everyday for 100 days?  These people are.  Kind of cool!
December 6, 2013

Weekly Run Down



Yeah, it is a Michael Scott kind of day here on the Weekly Run Down.  I went to the gym once this week – ONCE!  I couldn’t seem to get myself out of bed.  Maybe because it is still dark outside at 5:30am when my alarm goes off.  Maybe because I am still recovering from a crazy Thanksgiving weekend.  Whatever the reason, my body has just been on sleep mode and I have been listening. Maybe next week will be better.

Here are some links to love from this week

November 14, 2013

Weekly Run Down



This week’s Run Down is a little early since I am leaving for Hollywood, Florida tomorrow for a nice long weekend with my parents.  Fluffy hotel-issued robes (I know you know what I mean) and beach cabanas are only a few hours away.  I cannot wait for awesome bonding time with Mom and Dad and to break out my hot new red bathing suit.  This girl is not going to be shy when it comes to strutting down the sand.

So workout wise I hit up a yoga class.  BOO only one workout this week.  With so much to do to get ready for the trip and some various appointments in the morning that were not skippable, well, one is better than none.

Here are the week’s links to love

  • If you have been struggling with the gym, check out this article on 25 Ways to Exercise without Realizing It
  • I just found this blog on healthy living, worth a check out.
  • This article about dry shampoo made me laugh out loud.  literally, out loud. 
  • I am totally going to make these biscuits to take to my family’s Thanksgiving feast.  Gluten FREE!!!
  • How cool are these kitchen prints?  I really want one for the Brooklyn apartment.  I especially dig the Avocado one, the colors!
  • For the ladies (and their supportive men) this is a great site for career advice
November 8, 2013

The Weekly Run Down


strong is the new skinny


Hi everyone!  I am proud to report that I made it to the gym THREE TIMES this week!!!!  I did a Crossfit style weight lifting class, a kick boxing class and a spin class.  I feel so great about meeting my goal of working out 3x a week.  It is kind of major.

Here are the week’s links to love

  • If you are a Sephora VIB, check out the sale!  20% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE!
  • I just discovered this site with some really great inspiration.  I am totally going to check out the podcasts on a Course In Miracles. 
  • If you played Mall Madness and had a crush on Dylan from 90210, this is for you
  • I don’t eat everything on this site but Joy The Baker’s posts are just too good!
  • If you are looking for a great chili recipe that is a bit off the beaten path, check this one out!
  • The advice to teenage girls in this post from my favorite makeup artist, Bobbi Brown, is totally relevant to grown ups. 

Lastly, I want to just take a moment to think about all those who are effected by the typhoon in the Philippines.  This storm is crazy!



November 1, 2013

The Weekly Run Down

 sisters young

Wow! I cannot believe it is November already! Today is a very special day for my family.  Ruthie, my beloved sister, was born 31 years ago today.  Horray for sisters!  We had a lot of fun growing up, as you can see.  No one knows you quite the way a sibling does.  Ruthie and I are close as can be, best friends, partners in crime.  She is one of my biggest supporters, I couldn’t have made all of these big changes in my life and gotten healthy without her.  She stands by me during good times and bad, cheers me on when I feel I cannot go on and takes care of me when I need a little TLC.  I am so lucky to have a sister who is warm, smart, kind, compassionate, funny and who gave me a nephew, my Godson Leo Anthony, to spoil.  I think we even kinda look a like…don’t you?

auntie and leo look at a fan

As for the Weekly Run Down, I managed to get to the gym twice this week.  I did a spin class with my awesome new spin shoes.  It is so much better to spin with clip-in shoes than wearing sneakers in a toe harness thingy.  I almost broke my ankle using that harness.  I also hit up a tabata class.  Tabata is doing 8 reps of an exercise for 20 seconds at your max capacity and then 10 seconds rest.    INTENSE!

As is (the new!) tradition with the WRD, here are some links to give some love to!

  • Who wouldn’t want to Shop Like Cher from Clueless?  If you were a teenage girl in the ’90’s like moi then this app is for you! Designed by my favorite stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe, I mean it’s BA NA NAS.
  • If you love looking at food as much as I do, check out this beautiful blog.  I can only aspire to take photographs like this!
  • This interview with Nick Axelrod of Into the Gloss cracked me up.  I loved what he said about eye cream, we are kindred spirits.  He also made me want to try The Somme Institute.
  • Wow this article makes me really want to SLOW DOWN, LIVE IN THE MOMENT, FOCUS which if you know me I am not great at.  I have all kinds of bruises from absent-mindedly bumping into things to prove it.
  • If I were going to throw a dinner party, I would totally make these name cards.
  • If you have been revamping your fall wardrobe like I have been (I had like no clothes whatsoever since my body is so different from last year, I mean sorry hubs but it is money well spent!) check out this sale.  Ends today, EEK!

Have a great weekend!!!




October 25, 2013

The Weekly Run Down


yes, friday



Here is a new series to ease you into the weekend,  The Weekly Run Down.  Some links I am into plus a listing of my workouts.  Now you can see exactly what I am up to!

  • Thanks to Gala for helping me through the insanity that is Mercury in Retrograde
  • Some of these are out of my price range for a dinner out, but you gotta have goals.
  • I really want to make these Paleo waffles
  • Get some of Oprah’s personal things…she has some really interesting art for auction.
  • Jessica shares her habits for being present here and here.  I love this girl’s blog!
  • I am currently loving this serum from Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics. I am on my second bottle and my skin is so soft!  Love that the ingredients are not scary.
  • The pictures on this blog make me long for my semester abroad in France.  My heart belongs in Paris but my soul, my soul belongs in Rome.
  • I love Krysten’s style! Just got that sweater with the sparkly collar in the Jcrew sale.

Now for the workout portion. This week was kind of a slow week. I only hit the gym twice, once for bootcamp and once for another HIIT class, 30,60,90 which was intense but not as intense as Captain Trooper Prince’s blood bath. 

Have a great weekend!