April 22, 2014




I am overwhelmed by the response to yesterday’s post.  Gratitude and thank you are not big enough words for all the love, support, kindness and beauty that filled my inbox yesterday.  Each of you are in part responsible for this success.  Yes, I am the one who gets up and goes to the gym and is solely responsible for the food I eat.  BUT without your support and knowing that you are out there, reading my posts and cheering me on, I am not sure I could have kept going when the going got tough.  And it certainly has been tough at times – not eating the cake at my nephew’s first birthday?  What?!  That was surely a challenge.

So because Thank You is all I have, thank you all so much.  So so so much.

Now on to the next adventure – maintaining!  If I lose more, I lose more, but I am pretty much at my goal.  They say that losing is the easy part and maintaining is hard.  I guess we are going to find out!



April 21, 2014

100 Pounds!

 100 lbs


I did it!  100 pounds gone (actually a few more than 100 that but who is counting?!?!). 

Yes, that is one of my old belts wrapped around me and my beautiful sister.  For me, that is a particularly moving physical representation of just how much progress I have made in two and a half years. 



February 20, 2014

Say Yes to the Dress…AGAIN

Since I married John on September 18, 2010, I went from this….


to this….


I mean I could literally see down to my feet when I looked down that dress



We had to get John to come and pull it tight in the back so we could see what it might look like if I bought it now.  These pictures still shock me.  I somehow don’t believe I was ever the person in the first picture and I still can’t quite grasp that this is how I look now.  I had to hold the dress up or it would fall off me.

So what’s a girl to do with an old wedding gown that is now more than 10-11 sizes to big? 

Shop for a new one!





John and I are renewing our vows on May 3rd in a very small ceremony.  What was born out of vanity (wanting pictures of myself looking the way I do in a wedding gown) has blossomed into the desire to recommit to each other.  I could not have transformed myself without John.  From shopping and cooking to saying “I’m proud of you” when the alarm goes off at 5:30am for my am workouts, to his “I do not negotiate with terrorists” attitude about answering my constant question “Do I look like I have lost weight!?” – getting healthy and losing the weight is as much his doing as my own.  We are truly partners in all things and we really want to celebrate that!

Clearly, the dress I chose is not featured in this post. I want to surprise John and our guests.  In fact it is completely different from my original gown.  Ahhh the suspense!

January 6, 2014

Keeping a Slip from Becoming a Fall

new year


Happy 2014!  I hope you had a wonderful, happy, healthy New Year!

So…I don’t know about you but my eating was far from perfect this holiday season.   All the parties, all the temptation….I mean, cheese.  Oh cheese, how I love you. I wasn’t exactly strict with the whole Eat to Live no dairy no meat plan. 

Having a little slip over the holidays does not mean we have to fall down the rabbit hole.  It can be hard to get back on track, once the stomach expands a bit, it just wants to eat more, or at least mine does.  I find it a little painful to go back to my really healthy, active ways after being in a cozy holiday cocoon.  I have to talk to myself, ask myself questions now such as “Emma, do you really want to eat or are you just bored?  Is there something you need like a nap or a walk instead?”  And when I THINK that food is the only thing that will do it, I have been allowing myself unlimited veggies.  Not fried ones, raw ones.  This gentleness has been really helpful the past few days.  My mantra of “easy does it” really comes in to play here. 

I also find my routine to be really soothing.  I need my routine or else…chaos! That goes for my food and exercise big time.  I was so out of my element this holiday and that showed up in my food choices.  Getting back to work with regular wake up times, meal times and meal components, while not necessarily FUN, has been really grounding.  Salad over cheese and gluten-free crackers.  Apples over chips and popcorn. 

So what about you?  How do you keep yourself from the rabbit hole of holiday eating becoming ALL THE TIME eating?


December 24, 2013

This Christmas Post is Brought to You by the Letter M


M for Maine that is!  John and I are spending a very cold, very icy Christmas with his family in Fayette, Maine…population 1,000.  It is a white Christmas for sure with at least a foot of snow on the ground and about an inch of ice on top.  I have never seen ice like this!  We are very lucky to have power today, most people in the Mid-Coast region do not.  Mid-Coast from my understanding is where we are, south of Bangor, north of Portland, slightly inland from the coast.  Far from NYC and a balmy 15 degrees outside, it is quite a change from the hustle and bustle.  The only sound we hear is the occasional plow going up the street.  Silence is indeed golden. 

I want to wish all of you and yours a healthy and Merry Christmas (or a belated Happy Chanukah) and a very Happy New Year.   See you in 2014!

December 17, 2013

Women who say LIKE



OK, I would like to take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to talk about something that is apparently very important to me.  Overuse and abuse of the word like.  While I am not known for my good spelling, I do consider myself to be a well-educated, sophisticated, intelligent, funny woman.  And I used to abuse the word like.  Especially during my “I want to be Cher from Clueless” phase…which lasted longer than I care to admit.

Yesterday on the subway, I sat next to two women, likely in their early-mid 20’s, i.e. “grown-ass ladies”, and listening to their conversation was painful.  “Like we all went out to Santa Con and like it was like snowing and my friends came up from DC and like we were all standing around in like the snow waiting to like get into the bar and it was like the best time ever!”  Oh.  My.  God.  These women could have been ivy league educated for all I know, but to listen to them speak, they sounded like idiots. 

I realized, wow I must have sounded just like them.  I started to question myself, is that how I sound now?  Do I currently misuse and abuse the word like?  Do people on the subway listen to my conversations and think “Wow she sounds idiotic!” or “Good lord in heaven please make her stop talking!”  I really hope not.  Did I ever speak that way on a job interview?  Oh I really hope not!!  This one ride on the 6 train has made me extremely thoughtful about my language.  People decide about you rather quickly and I for one do not want to sound, well, stupid.

So I implore all of you well-educated, sophisticated, intelligent, funny woman (and men) to think about your use of the word like.

Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now. 

December 9, 2013

Happy Birthday

emma and

That is me and my beautiful nephew.  We had a really special time together on Saturday.  The mister set us up with a class at Gymboree where my sister, Leo and I got to play and learn!  It was part of his gift to me to celebrate today, my 34th Birthday.  I didn’t realize it until after the fact but John chose this specifically because he knows I want to be a healthy, active role model for Leo.  The Gymboree class fits that ideal perfectly.  This thoughtfulness made the time even more special, Leo’s first workout with Mama and Auntie.

Looking back over 33, I am filled with gratitude.  Of course my physical progress and the amazing change that physical progress has made in my life.  No way I could have participated fully in Gymboree if I hadn’t changed my body.  Seriously, I mean it.

But there is so much more to be happy about.  I have an amazing family, amazing friends, a beautiful dog and a crazy kitty, a spacious apartment, a job where I work with some pretty great people and I am more spiritually connected than I have ever been, which is a beautiful thing and a gift in itself.

And YOU.  My readers. This blog.  Just knowing that you are out there, reading and supporting me through the interwebs keeps me going.  Thank you for reading and sticking it out with me.

Looking forward to this year, I know there are so many wonderful, exciting things waiting for me.  Some I know about and have planned. Others will be a complete surprise.  I know I will enjoy the year, savoring each day in this body I have worked so hard to make healthy.  I think that’s the best birthday gift I have given to myself.  Being truly comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my life.  And it feels pretty darn great.




November 20, 2013

The Rent is Too Damned High or…

emma in a suit

NYC is Too Damned Cold.  Florida, on the other hand, was hot. And a little humid as you can tell from the frizz I was rocking. 

We had a wonderful time. I read two books (Where’d you go Bernadette and The Other Typist, both were serious page turners) and worked on my knitting.  I swam, walked the beach and enjoyed some tasty room service.  My parents and I spent some great quality time together, it was really nice to just be with them. 

But now I am back in NYC where the temperatures are in the 30s!  Brrrr.  I would trade my fur-hooded puffy for that red suit any day.

So it is to think about Thanksgiving and how I am going to manage this holiday with all of my (self-imposed) dietary restrictions. I have never really liked turkey so that is a challenge but stuffing is my all time favorite holiday food.  Oh how I miss you stuffing!  This year we are headed to my dad’s family in Baltimore.  I have a few dishes in mind to take with me (and by me I mean cooked by my mother…have you caught on that I don’t spend a lot of time myself in the kitchen?!) a rice stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes, a sugar-free cranberry relish.  I do want to attempt these biscuits myself we will see how they come out.  I already bought gluten-free flour and some coconut palm sugar to use instead of regular sugar.  Wish me luck on them!