July 10, 2013

Why Moving is the Worst Thing Ever


That’s a beautiful pic of my apartment from last night.  A complete and total disaster.  Notice the upside down chairs on Sadie’s crate in the back left, sort of behind the seltzer bottle.   And that is just the living room!  I am too scared/embarrassed/horrified to show you what the bedroom looks like. 

Moving is the worst thing ever.  The only things worse than moving are 1) riding a subway so crowded you can feel the stranger next to you breathing, like on your neck, ewww and 2) having your blood taken.  Yes I admit, I am a complete wimp when it comes to all things medical. 

Why is moving so terrible?  Well as evidenced by the above photo, nothing is where it should be.  I can’t find anything which is anxiety provoking.  There is no hope of cooking since all of our pots, pans, and most of our dishes are packed.  We are mostly living on take out which makes me feel sluggish and eeek…I haven’t been to crossfit since we started this process!  I have been packing every night in preparation for this humongous change.  At least I am being active though, no couch potato here. 

They say there is a shortage of apartments in NYC, people are staying put to save money.  In my opinion, people are also staying put to avoid the giant pain in the a$$ that is moving.  I cannot wait until Monday.  Only 4 more days to go until I reach nirvana otherwise known as 1,100 square feet, 9 foot ceilings and my own closet!  No more sharing with the husband.  You may not know this about me but I have a lot of shoes.  And like me on a subway car, they need their own space to breathe!



February 12, 2013

New Feature on the Blog!

 Instagram Salad

Happy Mardi Gras!  While my food isn’t going to be any different today, the blog certainly is.  You will notice on the right hand side there is a new feature – Emma According to Instagram.  I took the inspiration for this feature from a beautiful blog written by my friend Clara, http://www.channelingcontessa.com/.  Now all the Instagrams I take will automatically feed into the blog.  You can follow me on Instagram, my handle is easy, Emmainprogress. It’s the same as my twitter. 

What can you expect to see in these photos?  Anything beautiful or delicious I eat, Sadie Lou my precious dog, my husband John, and of course my nephew Leo Anthony!

Do you use Instagram?  Feel free to leave comments in the box below!

January 21, 2013


The #&#$*&$ plateau seems to be broken!! HORRAY!  I lost 1.2lbs last week, that is great success.  Sadie Lou is excited too!  I just love how she holds her cow toy like that.  Isn’t she the cutest?

Here is what I did to make it happen, Non-Resolutions at work!

1) I had three killer workouts with my trainer.  Getting up at 5am to get to the gym by 7am was HARD but I did it!  And I am going to KEEP DOING IT!

2) No french fries at all

3) I weighed and measured my food – imperfectly.  So I did it most of the time.

4) I changed up my snacks. I put in some yogurts instead of all larabars.

5) I took most of the feta cheese off my greek salads at lunch

Mostly small changes that added up to a nice loss.  I am going to do the work to make this week more of the same.  Who’s with me?!

December 30, 2012

P is for $%&# Plateau


Hey everyone.  I have been so wrapped up in my new nephew Leo – he is two weeks old now! – that I haven’t been writing.  He is so amazing.

So what is on my mind today?  Plateau.  As in the one I am on right now.  And have been since October.  Don’t get me wrong, loosing 67lbs is amazing.  I was really hoping to get to the 75lb mark by 2013.  Since that is only a day away, I know it ain’t happening.  I have been stuck on this weight since October.  OCTOBER.  Is my scale broken?  Probably not.  Do my legs look thinner.  Yes.  SO WHAT THE $%&%* SCALE?  Why won’t you move?

I have been eating a few more french fries than normal but can that make the scale stay put?  Maybe.  Because of my knee issue, I haven’t been doing my usual cardio.  Could that cause this snail scale? Eh, could be.   Or is it that $^%$ plateaus are just a normal part of weight loss and maybe muscle weighs more than fat.  Another probably cause.  Either way, it’s super frustrating.  Like more frustrating than the long, long line at Macys on Christmas Eve or waking up excited for your oatmeal and not having any milk.  (Why!?!? Why do husbands use up all the milk and not tell you?!?!?  Another of life’s great mysteries).

Does this plateau mean I am giving up?  Settling on 67lbs lost?  No way Jose!  In tomorrow’s post I will tell you all about my New Year’s Non-Resolutions for getting out of this plateau.



November 15, 2012

Making Lemonade out of Lemons

Hi Friends!  Last time I posted I was gearing up for my trip to Florida.  Well, instead of Florida I had a nice vacation in the Newark Airport instead.  That’s right.  My flight was cancelled.  Yep.  Major bummer.  Since I was only going down there for about 36 hours to begin with, I decided getting the money back was the best idea and just came back to Queens.

What’s a girl to do when life hands her lemons?  Make some splenda-sweented lemonade.  My beautiful friend Amanda, of Amanda Jornov Style, and my personal stylist, invited me out to a posh fashion event downtown.  So I had a day of Emma.  I had my hair blown out ($25 bucks in my neighborhood!) my nails done ($8 bucks, also in my neighborhood! – hey Queens is awesome!) and got dressed up in my favorite red pants.

I met Amanda for an early dinner at Spring Street Natural, which serves healthy but fancy food.  I had the quinoa salad, such a great flavor and mix of textures.

We headed down the street to the party for the one year anniversary of Luxcolore.com, which is actually owned by friends of Amanda’s.  Luxcolore.com, is a website which gices young, hot designers a place to sell their stuff.  Some of those designers were at the event.  In fact, I picked up this little baby by Nicolye for 20 bucks!  20 bucks!!!!

That vest will be so chic over a dress for New Year’s Eve!

I also saw some crazy outfits, like this one. That is how you know you are at a happening downtown function.

Umm yeah.

Now how does this event fit into a blog about exercise and weightloss?  Because before this year I never in a MILLION YEARS would have had the confidence to attend such an event.  I wouldn’t have had the right outfit.  I would have felt like I didn’t belong there, like I wasn’t good enough to attend.  My weight made me feel unacceptable and I would have declined the invitation, even though I would have been dying to be there.

Because of all the good eating and because I have been “litterally working my ass off”,  I didn’t for a SECOND feel any of these things.  When Amanda asked me to be her plus one for this party, I was excited to spend time with my friend.  But I was also excited because it was a coming out party of sorts for me.  My first hot fashion party and I felt hot going to it!



November 9, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

I have had a crazy week but it will all be worth it when I get on the airplane at 6pm tonight to go to Hollywood, Florida!  My parents invited me to spend the weekend with them at this beautiful hotel.  My dad has a business trip and my mom and I are going along for the ride.  I have been on this particular trip before, last year in fact, only a few weeks before I really committed to the lifestyle changes that have lead to my 67 pound weight loss (only 8 pounds until I reach my next goal of 75 pounds!)  I am going to take this time to really celebrate how far I have come.  My life is so different now than it was this time last year.  From the fact that I wear pants to the crazy increase in confidence that I feel, I am a brand new Emma – in Progress.

That pool looks pretty inviting, so does the ocean.  Can’t wait to put on my brand new bathing suit and dive right in!

October 27, 2012

Emma Makes Progress

I am just going to let the photos speak for me.

Haircut in July.

Haircut today.

I am OBSESSED with my red pants.  Obsessed.  Michael by Michael Kors. Ba-nanas.  Bananas.

October 26, 2012


Hands down the best two meals we had in the DR were at the LA RESIDENCE, the French restaurant in the hotel, and then on the beach at Guayacanes.

Our first night away after traveling, we were too tired to venture beyond the hotel grounds.  And I am so happy we stayed in!  We were treated to beautiful Iberian ham and melon.

As well as a foie gras, which I did not like so much, but it came with this amazing salad.  I couldn’t get enough of the salad!  It does not look like much in the picture but it had all kinds of goodies in it.  Some kind of green veggie I did not even recognize that had a taste and texture I was just totally into.

Our main courses were equally delectable.  I chose the grilled grouper with pickled onions, a Dominican delight.  It came with rice, a few veg, and a really tasty tomato-based sauce.

John had the shrimp and scallops with a saffron sauce and an amazing portabello risotto.  He let me have some.  Or a lot.  Depends on your definition of some.  My rice went mostly untouched.


Our other amazing meal was much simpler.  Found at the beach at Guayacanes.  Heaven.

Don’t you just want to get into that water?  I did!  Many times in fact!  I had my goggles with me and I swam up and down the beach, it was a great workout.


 There weren’t many other people at the beach that day.  Most of them were here, where we ate.

If that looks like a shack on the beach…..

 that is because it is.  In fact there were many of these shacks.

Ours seemed to be the only making food.  It was the only one with other people at it when we got there.  Sounded good to me!  And good it was!  We ordered langostinos which came with a salad and papas fritas or french fries.  I chose langostinos because the menu was all in spanish and besides pollo it was the only other word I recognized.  When at the beach, one does not want pollo, one wants seafood!  I really have to learn some espanol!

The food was taking a long time to come.  Why is that?  Because they basically went and got the langostinos out of the ocean.  We saw a dude go down to the ocean with a bucket.  Then we heard some banging and I saw this happening.

They were harvesting our lunch practically table side.

Our waiter/chef was taking really good care of our shelfish, and of us.


 When the food was ready it was succulent, sweet, everything you want from a mini lobster.

So Tasty!!






October 25, 2012

Fasten Your SeatBelt – Or The Dominican Driving Game

If you think driving in Rome or Paris is intense, try driving in the Dominican Republic. We had GPS so we knew where we were going-ish. We never got lost so much as made interesting turns. I am so proud of myself for driving in a foreign place. John usually does the driving when we are in new lands but with his shoulder injury, there was just no way. And it’s a good thing too because the only thing I can comepare driving in the DR to is driving in a video game. There are no driving rules. There are no speed limits. The traffic lights do not always work and when they do, no one pays attention. I was running reds like a local by the end of our trip. People dash across the street without warning, bobbing and weaving to avoid the cars. People ride motorcycles the wrong way down the “highway.” Just keeping the car on the road and not hitting anyone or anything was a challenge! I am not kidding, that is what its really like. Just drive and try to stay alive!

Speaking of roads, one of the more interesting ones was this on-ramp…


In the US, we call that a dirt road. I am really glad we were behind this bus or else I would have driven right by the “ramp” and ended up in who knows where.

Tomororw’s post? The best meals we ate! Delicioso!

October 24, 2012

Back from the Dominican!

I’m back from the DR.  It was a very relaxing vacation.  No phone calls, no emails.  Sometimes you just have to disconnect from the “real world” in order to really unwind.

The Hostal Nicholas Ovando was well appointed and comfortable.  Four star quality boutique hotel WITHOUT the four star pricetag.  Driving up to it, you wouldn’t even know it was there!  It used to be part of a fortress or a castle in the Cuidad Colonial.  It blends in so well, you can’t even tell from the outside except for the flags.  It does not look like much from the outside but inside, total paradise. That is our little white Kia Picante outside it.

I didn’t think to take many pics inside of just the hotel but just look at this beautiful courtyard where the restaurant is!


And upon arrival, drinks!  Sans Alcohol.  I had a sip but it tasted syrupy which is no beuno for a no sugar lifestyle.

Who wouldn’t want to relax into this giant tub?

It’s little touches like this note that make it feel like the staff cares about your stay.

Tune in tomorrow for a post on driving in the DR.  Fasten your seatbelt!!!