July 17, 2014

Back with Big News!

There is no better way to celebrate this news than with a photo of my beloved nephew, Leo Anthony…

photo 2

Baby Girl Godfrey is expected to make her debut on Christmas Day.  Can you tell that just like us, Leo is so excited?!

January 15, 2014

Oh Yeah…I’ve totally been DIETING


That’s my adorable pup Sadie Lou.  I mean, that face!!!  Who could resist?  There really isn’t a good photo to go with this post, so I figured Lou’s face makes me happy, why not show her off?  You can really see that she is blind in her right eye in this one, poor baby girl. 

Anyway, it is time for a “come to Jesus” talk about what I have been doing the past few months.  And what is that?  Diet.  

Paleo.  The JJ Virgin plan.  The Eat to Live plan.  What are they really?  Diets.  And you know, I actually really want to diet because it sounds like fun, like a good idea, like a shiny new toy I can play with for a while.  I love all things organizational and systematic and new diets fit right into that bucket.  Diets sound like THE ANSWER – to all my problems, not just a solution to loosing these last 20 pounds or so. 

Guess what?  Here is the thing about diets….they really don’t work.  They aren’t a solution at all, to anything.  And I have been experiencing diet backfire since August. 

Paleo.  For some, a lifestyle.  For me, a diet.  No rice or quinoa ever?  Could that be more restrictive? 

Eat to Live ie veganism/vegetarianism.  For some, a very serious ethically based lifestyle choice.  For me, a diet. I have made it successfully twice for two weeks each on Eat to Live and then after that, meat-fest.  Like Joey I have been all Pork? GOOD.  Lamb? GOOD.  Beef? GOOD.  

Except, ummm, really not that good.  I gained a few pounds.  Is it the end of the world?  No.  Is it a wake up call?  Yes.  A wake up call to the fact that I have to go back to basics, which for me is a food plan of weighed and measured meals and snacks with the only limits being no wheat and no sugar.  We are in the home stretch and it is not time to change the game plan.  It is time to grit my teeth and stick to what works even if it is boring and not as “fun” as dieting appeals to be. 


July 2, 2013

92+8 = 100



92 lbs gone.  8 more to go to make 100.  That is kind of amazing.  The Mr. said to me, who knew there was even that much to come off?  Funnily enough, with only 8 more to go to make that mark, I am finding it hard to stay on track.  I have to admit, I have had yogurt twice this week.  Not very paleo. 

I ran into an old college friend this morning – wow NYC feels like a small town sometimes – and she actually asked me this question, “how do you stay motivated?”  And that got me thinking, what DOES keep me going?  Yeah, my health has vastly improved and it will get even better.  I LOVE my wardrobe now, and you know I love fashion!  Full of color, no longer dreary drab black and grey whatever is available in my size.  I don’t cringe when I see photos of myself now, that feels pretty good.  But there has to be something deeper, something within my soul that keeps me going.  Even when I hit that 100 pound mark, I will have another 35 to go before I reach a healthy weight for my height – according to all those MD charts. 

I saw this quote on pinterest, the source for all pics when you have no pic for your blog post, and it just seemed to sum it up.  That thing within me that keeps me going.  That thing that is going to get me back on pure paleo.  That thing that is going to make me go harder at crossfit.  Determination.  I am determined to go all the way.  Determined to finish this race.  A colleague told me a few months ago I was tenacious on the golf course.  I AM tenacious.  I AM determined.  I AM doing this.

May 7, 2013

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!


In my last post, I shared about finally hitting my 75lb goal!  To celebrate this momentous occasion I took myself to the spa.  Not just any spa, the Queen of Facial Spas, Mario Badescu.  Made famous by the likes of Martha Stewart and other celebs like Liv Tyler and Jennifer Anniston. 

I had been given a certificate a while ago, like months, for a facial and massage at Mario Badescu. I have been saving it and saving it for this exact reason.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT a pleasure delayer, I am an instant gratifyer and waiting to use this certificate was a challenge in itself.  I am SO glad I waited.  It was the best feeling – feeling like I earned that facial and massage.

Mario did not disappoint.  My skin is glowing STILL and it has been two weeks.  The massage was amazing.  I left feeling utterly relaxed.  If you are in NYC and wanting a facial, I cannot say enough about MB.  Just go.  You will not regret it. 


April 29, 2013

Status Update – 75.6 and Fabulous

 emma 75

 Happy Monday!  Last week I met my 75 pound goal.  75.6 pounds gone!  I have lost as much as my dog Sadie Lou weighs.  Incredible.  I almost can’t believe it. 


 That’s Sadie Lou.  Not a small dog. Cute.  Cuddly.  Wouldn’t hurt a fly.  But small, she is not. 

Steady, consistant, hard work is paying off.  Sure there are those *&$^$ plateaus and days when all I want to do is eat Nutella on a spoon for breakfast, lunch and dinner….but I don’t.  I keep with the food plan.  I forge ahead. 


Not gonna lie, I keep looking at these pictures of myself.  It is actually, really happening.  In fact, I saw my friend Taylor yesterday for the first time since the end of February.  Tay is my oldest friend in the world, we have known each other for 19 years. 19 YEARS!  She didn’t recognize me from the back.  She came up and said, “Emma?  Is that you?  I wasn’t sure, I mean, that looked like your hair but I just wasn’t sure!”  Now THAT is Emma in Progress.

Next goal?  100 pounds.  Who’s with me?