November 4, 2016

Drug Store Foundation Say What?!


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I remember my first department store makeup counter experience. That was all I wanted for Christmas in 8th grade, a makeover.  My mom took me by myself, a real treat to go somewhere without my sister (Sorry Ruthie).  I really, really wanted Clinique.  That is what my mom uses to this day.  I remember how much I loved her green and white swirled compacts.  I lusted after her eyeshadows and lipsticks in their silver cases.  I knew what Bonus Time was and I wanted my free gift with purchase.

There we were at Hess’s, now known as The Bon Ton, ready to shop. The Clinique lady wasn’t there.  Not a single white lab coat in sight. I was so bummed out.  My mom and I made a special trip for this and I was determined to leave that store with my face done.  So I sat in a chair at Lancôme.  A love affair with makeup began.

I admit, I have been a makeup snob. Revlon?  L’oreal? Easy Breezy Beautiful Covergirl?  No way. Not good enough for me.  Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Burberry.  That’s my jam.  Especially when it comes to foundation.  No way would any drug store anything be a good enough product or the right color match.  Then I discovered Jaclyn Hill and she was raving about this L’oreal Lumi Cushion foundation.  Jaclyn really knows her stuff.  She worked for MAC and has over a million youtube subscribers.  If Jaclyn says buy it, I would buy it.  So I marched right into Duane Reade and threw down $16 for a drug store foundation.

Consider me converted. Run, don’t walk to CVS or Wallgreens or whatever they have in the ‘burbs and get this.  Return your half used, expensive stuff to Sephora and don’t look back.  Tip – they aren’t kidding about it being Lumi, I use a powder with this to cut down the shine a tad.  But seriously.  It lasts all day.  It looks like skin.  I even did a test.  I did half my face in Lumi (one coat to cover) and half my face in Makeup Forever (3 coats to cover!) and my office mates chose the Lumi.