May 15, 2014

My Running Career Is Officialy Over

sad face


I’ve been having issues for a while now with my knees.  In fact I just finished up a few weeks of PT for the left one, I tweaked it in a boot camp class a few months ago.  I went for a follow-up on Monday to the orthopedic surgeon and turns out my running career – or HOPE of a running career – is over.  Going forward, no high impact activities, specifically no running.     He suggested cycling and swimming.  I guess my spin shoes are going to get a lot more use.  Happily as it gets nicer outside, all I want to do is bike around town.  Sigh.  I am definitely bummed. 


  1. Atleast you still have alternatives. 🙂

  2. The options you have are great and both can be fun!

  3. Stay with it. Swimming is a total body workout. Dad and Sarah used to go to the pool all the time. Cycling is fun too. It’s something you and John can do together.

  4. I say SWIM too! I used to run all the time – half marathons and races every weekend, until I messed my foot up bad with plantar fasciitis now I can’t run as much, but I love swimming and it’s actually way better of a workout for you anyway! No impact, burn more calories, use more muscle groups, oh yeaaah!

  5. What a bummer! At least you have some good cycling studio options too there in NYC! For when the weather doesn’t cooperate for riding outside.

  6. Swim, Emma, swim! You always loved being in the water & swimming. We used to think you were a fish!!!

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